Club Penguin 10th Anniversary Information

Hello penguins! TheCarterFitz here. Club Penguin is having a GIANT anniversary party this year for their 10th anniversary, and recently more information has spilled about it. This is a huge spoiler warning, so read on only if you would like to know more.

We've already had the opportunity to vote for our favorite rooms for the Cove, Beach, and Pizza Parlor. The Pizza Parlor will be from the 2008 Submarine Party. The Beach will be from the Island Adventure Party 2009, and the Cove will be from the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit 2012. Rooms from Camp Penguin, April Fools Day 2008, Island Adventure Party 2010, and Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam 2013 will also appear. The Coffee Shop will contain a calendar with new collectable prizes everyday. Aunt Arctic will also be waddling around Club Penguin during the party. The party will start on October 3rd, 2015.

Here's some quest dialogue from the party:

  • Whoa... umm... Did you take a wrong turn? I don't think you're supposed to be here. This room appeared during the April Fools 2008 party... we were as confused by it then as we are now. 
  • Penguin Fact: If you drop a raisin into colorless soda it will bob up and down. Huh?
  •  Let's jam like it's Teen Beach 2013!!! The sun was hot and the tunes fresh during this smash-hit party. Grab some waves, sing a song, or just moveeee to the groove! I'm here and that means the party is too. 
  • I feel a great calmness here. Originating from the 2009 Adventure Party, this peaceful place teems with life. Perhaps I should journey from the dojo more often... such discovery is food for the spirit.
  • The 2012 Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit was all about feeding fruit to a hungry volcano. And the reward? The release of a new game- Smoothie Smash!
  • You might not have noticed me at this party. Do you know why? Let's just say I have a really great lemon disguise.
  •  Y'arrr, this be a spot close to me heart. A wee inlet to toss off ye boots and rest ye sea-soaked toes. Blasts of pirate battles could be hear yonder. And stinky cheese soup be boilin' hot on the fire.
  • Island Adventure Party 2010 they called it, and it be a sweet adventure indeed. Now pull up a seat, matey, and sing me a sea shanty. 
  • Welcome to Camp Rookie! Well... maybe not- this is actually Camp Penguin 2007. But wouldn't a Camp Rookie be awesome? I'd have picnic tables, and a fireplace, and fish burgers! Oh... I guess it isn't very different. 
  • This brilliant locales where we celebrated Pi Day 2015. And while mathematical constants are exciting on their own, we supplied pie to enhance the experience further! What is your favorite kind of pie? Apple, peach, or 3.14?  
  • Visit the Coffee Shop at the heart of the party and explore our history in vintage decorated rooms.  
  • Take a look at the calender- everyone gets a new prize for each day of the party!  

Are you excited for the 10th Anniversary Party? Leave a comment below. Until then, waddle on! 

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