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Earlier today, drama emerged on Twitter between @Thepenguincat and @FlipprCPPS. The story below goes into detail on the story. On a popular fan blog, a moderator of Flippr reported on the issue.

"Hey everyone!

Controversy erupted earlier today on the @FlipprCPPS Twitter account, in regards to the firing of a certain design oriented staff member.
Mepauset (thepenguincat) began directing tweets at Flippr's Twitter account, which have since been deleted. The tweets angrily stated that though he had been a staff member, he had not been included in the beta process, and had been fired within the past few days. The tweets also claimed that without him Flippr would fall back into “non-originality” like other CPPSes.
An anonymous source gave us the following information on what he had seen transpire.
'One second there’s nothing on Twitter, the next, Flippr and Mepauset are having this huge fight! It was crazy. Mepauset was mad because he got fired, and Flippr was mad because he was yelling at [the Flipper staff]. I’ve never seen anything like it before.'

Shortly after the incident, Mepauset deleted the earlier tweets, replacing them with the following:
'Stop saying Flippr is bad. I am bad, childish, not respectful, but I'm a good person too, just like them, because they are many... and many persons that can't wait to experience something I helped to like a little ant to an anthill.'

We obtained an exclusive, official statement from Sandor (admin of Flippr) regarding both the firing and the battle on Twitter:

'There was nothing personal about [Mepauset] being fired. The issue is that Flippr is developed on a strict time budget, and there is simply not enough time to develop his concepts. Rather than stringing him along, I made the decision to fire him, so he can at least go do concepts for another server if he pleases. Perhaps he feels as though he should have remained on, but I stand by my actions.'

In regards to what happened on Twitter, we did respond to the malicious tweets, if only because we will not allow our server to be openly slandered without any response. He has since apologized, and both parties have come to terms with what has happened.

The only thing I would like to clarify is in regards to the statements being thrown around that [Mepauset]’s concepts were stolen, or he designed them and I took credit. For the rooms that he did concepts for, I then had to remake the entire room in Adobe Flash, meaning that while I went by his concept, I created the design that you actually see. They were used with permission per the terms of his employment with [Flippr]. Both parties understand that no one stole from anyone. It is yet to be seen whether Mepauset’s concept rooms will remain or be removed when Flippr launches. "

Sport Shop as designed by Mepauset
When asking Flippr whether or not Mepauset’s designs would be implemented, Flippr responded with, “He only had three concepts in game, with the Lighthouse not being one. Those three will remain.” Flippr has been granted permission to use these rooms. 

In other news, Flippr has had a delayed launch for quite some time now. The specific date has been fluctuating from "very soon" to a vague "Summer 2015". A moderator has gotten hold of a beta tester position, and so she has special permission to reveal what she pleases on top of all the reveals we've been getting on FlipprCPPS's Twitter account (both of which are linked above). So far, we've been given a preview of what his player card will look like, but we've been promised more in the near future.
That's all for now, but don't forget to stay awesome. 

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