TheFlipprTimes: A Special Message

Hello penguins! CarterFitz here! Flippr just released yesterday afternoon, and that means starting right now you can check out some of the latest Flippr updates on the game itself. TheFlipprTimes was a placeholder for an even bigger merge with The Penguin Times coming very shortly. Flippr Updates will blend in with our weekly Club Penguin updates, and much more ahead. We are excited to introduce Flippr into our blog. I want to say that Flippr is a brilliantly made hand-crafted Club Penguin. Once you play the game for yourself, you get to appreciate how much effort and care was put into the creation of the game. Register for Flippr by going to, and log on by going to Thank you Flippr for the information, without them, this wouldn't be possible. And as always, Waddle On!

My Playercard on Flippr CPPS

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