Flippr Meetup Times 7/27/2015 (Now Over)

(Now Over) Hey Penguins! CarterFitz here, and this post is going to be a little quicker than usual, because this post only applies to today, July 27th! Flippr has posted Mascot Meetup Times and they can all be seen below. Flippr might have some server issues, as expected from a game that launched yesterday, but hold tight! If you miss any of these meetup times, don't worry! There will be plenty of opportunities to meet your favorite mascot. Each mascot gives out an exclusive giveaway, including Sandor and Cyberwolf, the creators of the game.

You can use the Flippr xat chat to easily find the mascots you're looking for. When using the chat, make sure you're following the Flippr rules.

Are you meeting, or have you met, any of your favorite mascots on Flippr? Tell me about your experience in the comments below! Until next time, waddle on! 

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