Lost and Found: Club Penguin/Card-Jitsu Application (2012)

Hello penguins! Turtleboy/CarterFitz here! I'm here to talk to you about the cancelled mobile application that was in the process of being created by Disney Mobile in cooperation with Club Penguin in 2012. When the idea of My Penguin was a pipe dream and Club Penguin were relatively new with mobile products, Club Penguin, alongside Disney, were thinking up easy ways Club Penguin could go onto mobile platforms. The idea that Disney had settled on was the idea of creating an iPhone application called Club Penguin. It featured many different modes, such as:
The main interface of the cancelled Club Penguin (mobile)
  • My Penguin: likely a player card-type interface where you could dress your penguin
  • Card-Jitsu: A full playable version of Card-Jitsu, offering single player as well as multiplayer.
  • Rewards: Possibly another name for "PSA Awards" or maybe awards you obtain through actions in the app, much like "Sushi Drop", another removed feature from the current "Club Penguin" application.
  • Buddies: Access to Friend List.
  • Mascots: Possibly a mascot tracker (although that isn't likely) or a brief description of each mascot
  • Parents: Parent Interface, possible membership and chat features
  • Invitations: Possibly postcards where you could inscribe a date and time
Card-Jitsu (mobile) cancelled mobile interface
One of the mini-games originally going to make it into Club Penguin was Card-Jitsu, but sadly this mini-game was scrapped in favor of mini games like Pufflescape and Ice Fishing. We eventually got a Card-Jitsu experience in the form of Card-Jitsu Snow, but it's interesting to think of what might've been. 
Card-Jitsu allowed for a Single Player experience, as well as a multiplayer experience (if you were connected to a wireless network), and also have a Scoreboard, which although Card-Jitsu never has had a scoreboard, has been implemented into the Club Penguin Application Sled Racer. 

We can infer that Single Player put the player against Sensei, but little is known otherwise. It's a shame, too, because Card-Jitsu is a game that many people would love to see on mobile platforms. 

So there you have it, a very obscure fact of trivia that was lost, but now has been found! If you like this fun "lost and found" segment I have on The Penguin Times, please let me know by sharing this post wherever you can and leaving a nice comment down below.

That's all for now, and don't forget to keep being awesome.

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