Flippr Guide: Lake Wikia

Instructions below are the same as Flippr 2016 with minor differences. The Community Center is now a Mod Meetup location with a regular tour booth without any mention of Flippr Universe, as they have since closed down with Flippr 2015. When the board is clicked on, you will now have the ability to obtain a Tour Guide Hat, while the Flippr Universe background is still hidden in the files.
Flippr 2016 Community Center
ORIGINAL POST: Hello Penguins! CarterFitz here! I have discovered a hidden secret within Flippr, and it's how to publicly get access to Lake Wikia, a whole lake devoted to the Flippr Wiki, as the Community Center is dedicated to a popular fan blog. To access Lake Wikia, go to the Flippr Community Center and click on the brochure icon in the bottom right corner.
Flippr 2015 Community Center 
There, you should see a billboard...

...Click the hidden "W" in the top right corner of the metallic frame of the billboard. There, it should ask if you would like to enter the previously hidden Lake Wikia, noting that Lake Wikia is not available publicly to those who haven't already editied 5 or more posts on Flippr Wiki. There you should agree and it will take you to the aforementioned lake...
...and that's all there is too it! Do you like Lake Wikia, and do you plan on visiting it? Do you want more rooms like this in the future? Leave a comment below, and until then... Waddle On!

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