Flippr Guide: EPF Agent

Hello Penguins! CarterFitz here! Want to become an EPF member on Flippr? It's quite simple! Head to the Everyday Phoning Facility and answer the telephone. The mysterious penguin will ask you if you are ready to become an agent. If you agree, this mysterious penguin, who is later revealed to be the Director of the agency known as the Elite Penguin Force, will give you an EPF phone that can be used to do a variety of  things, such as call Elite Puffles and alert you when there are missions to be done.

This new EPF phone will show up in the bottom-left corner of the screen, where the map usually is on Club Penguin. Click it to access your phone. 


Your new spy phone looks like the one below. It has five main functions.
  • Elite Puffles: Summon one of 12 different colored EPF-trained puffles
  • Missions: Go on specially selected missions (August 2nd)
  • Teleport: Access almost any room on Flippr Island (except Island Wikia)
  • Messages: Messages widespread around the EPF telephone network. 
  • Gadgets: Special gadgets made for missions. 
  • 3D Printer - 3D print objects specifically for missions. 
You can read more about this in the F.I.S.H manual, located in the EPF Command Room. 

Becoming an EPF Agent also gets you access to the Command Room, along with Gary's Gadget Room, previously only seen in Club Penguin PSA missions.

What do you think about the EPF in Flippr? I think it's integrated very well.  Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts. Until then, Waddle On!

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