Easter Eggs: Dance Lounge Arcade Music

Hello Penguins! Turtleboy/CarterFitz here! I've always thought the Dance Lounge was a fun place to hang out. Thin Ice, Astro Barrier, Bits and Bolts, and that Red and Blue game (based on the stage set from Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal vs. Squidzoid). But did you know that in the background music of the Dance Lounge you can hear some classic arcade machine noises. Yeah, it's true! Along with sound effects and music ripped straight from Thin Ice, Astro Barrier, and Bits and Bolts, if you listen close enough, you can hear the PAC-MAN muching sound, several shooting and captured sounds from the arcade game Galaga, and even 10 seconds in you can hear the Ms. PAC-MAN theme!

Here's what the Galaga Ship Captured sound is like:

 Here's what Ms. PAC-MAN's theme sounds like (skip to 0:27):

 Now, try to search out these sounds in the ambiance in the Club Penguin's Dance Lounge music.

Please leave a comment telling me if you hear the same sounds as I did, and if you can spot any more sounds from classic video games in any Club Penguin music! Thank you so much for reading my post, and I hope you enjoyed it!

Don't forget to stay awesome!

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