School and Skate Party 2014 Review: Welcome Sharks!

Welcome, new Sharks! The second year of Club Penguin University has begun with an upgraded look to the school and a new Skate Park! 

This year we have two new rooms: the gym, where dodgeball games frequently occur, and the art/science classroom setting, where you may learn new things you never knew before about our unique island we live on. We have a lunchroom as well, so don't forget to eat your greens! We also have a new office for the teachers and office staff to work in- to keep other students in line and make sure students behave. We already had one student, though- CarterFitz, get into deep trouble by hitting his gym teacher in the face with a dodgeball... but as long as you keep on keeping on, hopefully you'd never do something as silly and... cruel... as that! We hope you will have a great year at CPU- Club Penguin's first university! Now, where can we get a ice pack to Mrs. Flipper?

The School and Skate Party for September 2014 is a great "event". Why do I say event? Well, it's just like every Puffle Party since 2012... it happens, and it's effect stays forever. Since most of these new rooms, like the Skate Park and the upgraded school are going to stay in Club Penguin for the rest of the year and into 2015, it's more of a celebration that they're there. Just like the Puffle Party: it's not a celebration for Puffles anymore, it's a celebration with Puffles... that a new building or feature is now available for Puffles to use... and if a new puffle is introduced, Club Penguin seems to forget all other puffles and just base the party off the new Puffles (like this year's Puffle Party only focusing with Dog and Cat related things, not really a Puffle Party, just a celebration the Puffle Park is there).

That is why I call this "party" an event. This party stretches into the Plaza- with only new rooms, the Mine Shack (getting an ugly redesign, hopefully not staying), the awesome new Skate Park, and the University with all new rooms. It's cool to have Pizza and Snacks and Puffle Berry Mall, but I can't help but think Pizza and Snacks and Puffle Berry Mall could be so much more, combining Pizza and Snacks into the mall and making the mall have interactive rooms you could go in and buy real items. They redesigned the forest with a modern design I feel it should've had this whole time. I don't know if the design for the forest will stay, but I prefer it more than the boring "trees" design it usually has and always had. They completely missed the cove though, and that was pure laziness.

The quest to get all of the items in this party was quite easy, and on a scale from Frozen Party Dull to Prehistoric Party Hard the quests were "a chocolate fountain Backstage". It was cool when you found them and you had to look for a little bit, but it was pretty easy. The items in this party were also very good items, some of my favorites being the Limited Edition Backpack and the Rainbow Puffle Skateboard. This party added some neat additions to Club Penguin, and I wish everyone a great year at Club Penguin University.


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