Music Jam 2014- The Year the Music Died

The Music Jam is a reoccurring party on Club Penguin starting in 2008 with the first ever Music Jam, focusing on different styles of music such as Country, Orchestra (or Orca-Straw), Jazz (Karaoke), Pop, Rock-n-roll, reggae and instrumental (Music Maker 3000 and Piano at the Pool). The goal of the Music Jam was to inspire penguins to "jam" out in diverse styles of music and so penguins could feel like the stars of the show and be the stars of you're very own concert at the Dock, and even go backstage to meet the Penguin Band!

Music Jam '09, '10, and '11 only improved on the Music Jam, as it barely changed throughout the years besides merchandise stands and collectible Backstage Passes (renamed Music Jam Pass in '11) to remember each event, even adding the Casa Fiesta in place of the Orca-Straw music stand. 

This Music Jam, however, is not really a Music Jam at all. This is the seventh Music Jam in Club Penguin history, but it suffers from being a reoccurring party. In 2008-2011, reusing ideas were enough to keep the game popular, but now, Club Penguin is losing popularity and is forced to think up new ideas to keep the older audience and introduce the new audience to the game without being too complex. This Music Jam tries to do them both, but they do a terrible job at it.

 First, the returning elements- the Dock and the Town from the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam, and you'll hear me referencing that party a whole lot here. Little changes- like snow instead of sand- were made, but it's still too noticeable, not to mention rooms made for sand and summer look ugly in the snow. The party lacks rooms on the island at all. Usually if the Town is decorated, the Snow Forts and Plaza are also- which is not normal for any party Club Penguin has, and makes the little effort they made to decorate the town unnecessary. The new element is the Music Cruise- it's not as impressive as it sounds. 

The cruise has 6 rooms- the Lobby, Dining Room, Balcony, Engine Room, Pool, and the Concert Stage. The Lobby is exactly how it sounds. The Dining Room is, well, not really a dining room. It has a dance mat, microphones, and a SoundStudio (which I'll get to soon). It has 5 tables, one being a Puffle Feeding Station. The Engine Room is powering the ship, and the ship runs on music. All the engines gruffing at the same time doesn't sound great, and it's some of the worst music on Club Penguin, and the worst remix of "Rock the Boat!".

 The Pool is the same type of design seen at the Teen Beach Movie except the slides are instruments and there's a Puffle Play station. The Concert Stage is the same as in Make Your Mark: Shake It Up! Ultimate Jam and Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam as only Cadence, The Penguin Band, Cole Plante, Violetta, Sabrina Carpenter, and Zendaya can preform on it unlike Music Jam '08 to Music Jam '11 whereas you could gather a group of penguins at the Dock and preform various songs in different musical styles per day. Lastly, the boat isn't that different from the other moving vehicles in Club Penguin such as in the Hollywood Party Limo or Santa's Sleigh, a fan favorite from the Holiday Party, not to mention the Cruise doesn't sail anywhere and stays docked on Club Penguin for the whole duration of the party.

SoundStudio was added in replace of DJ3K in the Night Club. DJ3K offered distinct musical styles that would appeal to just about everyone including CDs like Festival, House Blend, Funky and even Monster Muzak, a Halloween-themed track, and could be mixed. SoundStudio, on the other hand, certainly does offer more sounds than DJ3K, but only offers four types of tracks: Rock, Pop, Dubstep, Dance, directly appealing to a younger audience who are currently growing up with these types of music. I can't stand any of the types of music, but it's up to personal preference. I do like the fart sound effect, though, so I can't be too displeased. Other than that, it's more of a gimmick. Penguins can create and share their own tracks. The problem with this though is, Club Penguin's audience is made up of elementary school children (for the most part) so the Night Club won't be as enjoyable if you're hearing mixes of repetitive farting, Herbert's "NOOO!" and Cadence's "NANANANA!", or poorly made tracks being too noisy or unpleasant to hear. Some tracks are so bad, it forced me to leave the Night Club a couple times because I couldn't stand the noise.

Club Penguin once again decided to make a Music Jam fun for everyone but worked a little too hard and made it a train wreck with unfinished island design, rushed room design, and the little enjoyment SoundStudio has- Music Jam 2014 gets a 2.5/10.

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