Let's Talk: Music Jam 2014

Hey penguins! It's me, Turtleboy (or CarterFitz, if you prefer)! I've decided I would quit playing as often as I would last year to make room for new hobbies and work on projects (like Fitzsimmons Weekly and an upcoming "secret" project). So I thought it would be better if I did a unique kind of blogging for The Penguin Times and give my opinion on events coming to Club Penguin. This way, I can use most of my time to my other projects and blog close to once or twice a month on my thoughts.

First, the Music Jam is coming up. This sounds like greats news, right? Not Shake It Up: Ultimate Jam or Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam, just Music Jam. It will be a Music Jam through and through, yes. It's not the kind of Music Jam we were all expecting though.

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