Membership Page November 2013

Hello penguins! The Club Penguin Membership page is updated for November 2013. Let's see what is new this November:

          New Penguin Styles!
Ready for outdoor adventure? Check the latest styles in the Clothes Shop- out now!
        Gold Puffle!
Quest for the new gold Puffle starting Nov. 14th and walk it to find super rare items!
    Exclusive Gear!
All new rescue items available only during Operation: Puffle date Nov. 21-Dec. 3!

What do you think ? This reveals that the golden Puffle is going to be adoptable and Operation: Puffle is this month. It also reveals that we will get trucks and vehicles and that when you walk the Gold Puffle you can dig up SUPER RARE ITEMS! 
Any clue what these exclusive items are? Leave a comment below! Waddle on!

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