Cave Mine Cave-In, New Game On, and Renovations

  • Saturday, November 09, 2013
  • By carter

Hello penguins! I have some shocking news: Herbert has another plan to rule Club Penguin. Lately, Herbert has been in the wild, and just recently has created a machine. It's unknown what it does, or how it works, but Club Penguin posted this teaser on, A website the team made so penguins can check out the latest on the villainous polar bear on the island.
Herbert has also climbed down the ladder from the Night Club and messed with the boiler! The reaction the boiler had might of also caused the unexpected cave-in at the Cave Mine!

You can still access the Hidden Lake and the Underwater room from the Forest. If you want to revisit the Cave Mine, you may do so by clicking here.
The Cave Mine and the exterior of the Mine are going to be updating on November 14th, the day you and your puffles will start digging Golden Nuggets. After you've found all the pieces, you can start digging for the legendary Golden Puffle. The new Cave Mine will look something like this.
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Note: An uncovered machine will a drill on the top is shown. 
There are stairs leading downwards to the Cave Mine, indicating the Mine itself will be deeper than it used to be. The interior of the Mine, the Hidden Lake, and possibly the Pool or Forest designs will change, too.

In the recent video by Club Penguin, the team releases a few details about the upcoming puffle, and mentions very briefly that it can dig up super-rare golden items. Some of these items are shown below:
Watch the full video: 

In the recent Game On airing on Disney Channel, Hallie gives us even more details about the cool rare items you can dig by taking your Golden Puffle for a walk.
The video starts off by showing you the adoption catalog. As you can see, a Golden Puffle poster is hidden in the back of the room, along with the recently added Rainbow Puffle poster. These two posters, if you didn't know already, provide information to get the puffle.
Some of the items that the Golden Puffle might dig up with a pickaxe, TNT, or dynamite are:
Golden Diva Sunglasses:
Golden King's Cape:
Or a Golden Wheeler:
Also, a minor change will be happening to the Mine Shack (as I mentioned before)
As of now, the Mine Shack front looks like this:
This is how the new Mine Shack will look like. Some differences include: Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 3.27.50 PM
  • Mine cart has been removed and replaced with stairs that lead down to the Mine
  • A lantern sits in the front of the shack
  • The Mine font is no longer centered
  • The roof overhead the Mine Carts is longer than before
  • Window adjustments
What do you think of the new Mine? What about the Cave Mine? Do you like the Golden Puffle? Overall Changes? Tell me in the comments below! Waddle on!

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