October 2013 Overview

Hello penguins! Happy first day of October. Let's see what we can expect throughout the month. 
 New Puffle Care
Look for a new treat for their pet puffles in the Pizza Parlor this October.
Eerie Haunts
Prepare for the spookiest Halloween transformations ever Oct. 17 – 31.

Here's some information from Polo Field:
Breaking news! The October Furniture Catalog will have a new release date. It will be available this Thursday, October 3 along with the Penguin Style catalog. The team wanted to give you plenty of time to decorate for Halloween…until then, can you figure out these October teasers?
Huh? These teasers are tricky. For some reason, I also assume the pictures always have to deal with robot dragons. The first picture sorta looks like an alpaca (ummm) , and the third looks like candy, and the second looks like a green moon with the Living Sled in the reflection! What if we get to meet the REAL living sled this Halloween?

Also, not one, not two, not three, but FOUR updates are coming out on Thursday, October 3rd. 
  • New Clothing Catalog
  • New Furniture Catalog
  • New Pin
  • New Pizza Dispenser for Puffles at the Pizza Parlor
Since the furniture catalog is coming out early, maybe Club Penguin is giving us some extra time for decorating for the annual Halloween Igloo Contest? We'll find out!Before Thursday, you should:

Before Thursday, though, you should do the following. 
  • Make and experiment with potions
  • Enjoy the Medieval Party 2013
  • Collect and buy all of the Medieval items and clothing 
  • Get the latest pin 
  • Buy the "last chance" furniture and clothing in the catalog
What do you think of these October updates? I think it's going to be one spooky Halloween! Leave a comment down below. Waddle on!

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