Friends List and Box Dimension BUGS!

Hello penguins! Currently the friend list in Club Penguin is not working. That means, it looks like I'll be forever alone... :P

Other than that, it's been more than a year now I've been waiting, for Club Penguin to fix another annoying bug. Whenever you walk in my igloo or somebody else's igloo that used/or still has a box dimension in it is bugged! Walk anywhere in the room...
The box dimension has became a very inactive room in Club Penguin ever since April Fools Day Party 2012, so maybe Club Penguin doesn't think this is one of the major bugs. 
Still, please fix these bugs,Club Penguin Staff! 
What do you think of these bugs? Leave a comment below. 
Waddle on!

I also want to let you know, over the weekend, Club Penguin Task Force is undergoing some changes, like new pages, sidebar updates, and even music you can choose yourself in beta right now. I will still be posting Club Penguin updates while these changes are going on.

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