Club Penguin Halloween Party 2013 Game On

  • Wednesday, October 09, 2013
  • By carter

Watch the full Game On here:
Hello penguins! A new Game On was released on Disney Channel and Disney XD recently, all about the new Halloween Party on Club Penguin. Game On always gives us some imformation and sneak peeks, so let's take a look, shall we?

First is what looks like the Snow Forts (and little bits of Town, Plaza, and Stadium):
Mine Shack:
Note: Club Penguin desktop version is being played on an iPad.
This was an error in the filming. This was confirmed by Spike Hike.

Here's how the Jack-O-Lanterns work! A Jack-O-Lantern surrounded by purple candy piles are almost in every decorated room at the party. You can even buy your own Jack-O-Lantern to give away candy to penguins, like every Jack-O-Lantern on the island.
(Your igloo will also be on the party list. More info here.)
Each Jack-O-Lantern will let you choose 3 different candies. Try to get a special candy, and use some magical transformations!
Page 2
Page 1

For all your typical normal candies, get enough to unlock special costumes!

Page 1:
Items for Everyone!
 Trick or Treat Bag-50
                                                          Springy Pumpkins- 60
Swamp Monster Mask- 150
Swamp Monster Feet- 50
Swamp Monster Costume- 300
The Nine Lives- 150
Cat Eyes- 60
Kitty Costume- 200

Page 2: Items for Everyone!
Bat Wing Headband- 60
The Villain Do- 150
Classic Vampire Costume- 200
Tomb King Hut- 150
Tomb King Costume- 200
Puffle Hat Pumpkin Lid- FREE
Creepy Doll Mask- 120
All Dolled Up- 140
Creepy Doll Costume- 200

Once you pick out a special candy (e.g. a fang fudge) ...

You can transform into a....
Werewolf, Vampire, Zombie, and a giant creepy goo monster!

Hallie, host of Game On, also reminds watchers to check out the exclusive Jack-O-Penguin costume on the My Penguin app and decorate your igloo with all new Halloween furniture.

What do you think of this Game On? Leave a comment below.
Waddle on!

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