2013 Halloween Party Guide

Hello penguins! The Halloween Party is in full swing, and there is lots of trick-or-treating around the island, and in igloos! You can find Spectral Sweets all over the island, such as the Town, Plaza, Snow Forts, and the Stadium. To get candy, you have to walk to a Jack-O-Lantern surrounded with purple candy, including the one in igloos.
Once you click on one, a pop-up should appear like this one (candy will very):
Pick 3 of the candies. Each candy mostly has a different coin value (up to 30 coins) or a cursed candy.
Once you get all of the cursed candies, you can earn an exclusive item, available for everyone.
Full-Moon Fireball: One of these candies will turn you into a different color werewolf. For example;
Fang Fudgies: One of these candies will turn you into a different color vampire. For example;
Zombie Zingers: One of these candies will turn you into a different color zombie. For example;
There is also a special party catalog, shown in my Halloween Party 2013 Game On post. The catalog items are not different, and there is no more items. 

Page 1
Page 1:
Items for Everyone!
 Trick or Treat Bag-50
  Springy Pumpkins- 60
Swamp Monster Mask- 150
Swamp Monster Feet- 50
Swamp Monster Costume- 300
The Nine Lives- 150
Cat Eyes- 60
Kitty Costume- 200
Page 2
Page 2:
 Items for Everyone!
Bat Wing Headband- 60
The Villain Do- 150
Classic Vampire Costume- 200
Tomb King Hut- 150
Tomb King Costume- 200
Puffle Hat Pumpkin Lid- FREE
Creepy Doll Mask- 120
All Dolled Up- 140
Creepy Doll Costume- 200

Details: Instead of Night Of The Living Sled at the Coffee Shop, Night of the Living Sled 2 in the Dance Lounge, and Night of the Living Sled 3 only being at the Lighthouse, all three movies play together in order at the Lighthouse. I now call this "Night of the Living Sled Saga"

The 8th Anniversary Party, celebrating 8 years of Club Penguin, is being held in the Coffee Shop on the 24th, with guest appearances by Chattabox, Rsnail, and other previous moderators who left Club Penguin some time ago. A free virtual party hat will be given, also with it's colors being rainbow, most likely because of the Rainbow Puffle and Puffle Hotel that opened earlier this year.
And, as a special tribute to Halloween, the My Penguin home screen is decorated for the Halloween Party also.

What do you think of these Halloween updates? Leave a comment below.
Waddle on!

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