RARE Items catalog?

The Myth of the Ice Berg Catalog
This is one of the best, well put together videos of CP EVER! Check it out. This is what I suggested to CP, and they said this to my letter...

Our Letter:
Hello Club Penguin Team!
We respect all the work you do for us, and we started in early 2007. Unlike most original users, we know how you saved Rsnail. Thank you for that and all of your help! Why would we be mad at a hero! We only have a few suggestions, like banners that you can type into, for example...

You have a banner. Click the UP arrow to go into edit mode. Type in text, but if it is not appropriate, you could get ban! Before, maybe you could set up safe mode for that, so if you are on ultimate safe chat, you can only use words from the box. :)

Another feature we ask for is the ability to give items to friends. 

But first, you need to enter a special code before using. So you and your friends can give each other cool items, pins, and coins! But remember to warn, so kids know that you have to be careful what you give!

If that does have too many ways to break it... try gifting! Maybe  you can make a postcard with 100 coins in it to send to your friends every week!

One last thing we ask, is to be able to have a Daily Catalog! 

A book every day with 1 special item from the past, for a discounted PRICE! Maybe it was furniture, or clothing, or Puffle Food. That will be surprising everyday!

-Glf2000, Turtleboy, and Curly824

Our Response:
Hey there Glf2000, Turtleboy, and Curly824,

Thank you for taking the time to email us at Club Penguin.  It's great to hear from all of you!

I really appreciate all of the kind words you have for us, and of course we're happy to hear any suggestions you have.

First, as a newer penguin myself, I'm not entirely sure what you mean by 'how you saved Rsnail.'  I know that Rsnail was one of the original founders of Club Penguin; what happened that Rsnail needed to be saved from?

On to your ideas!  I see that you'd like to see a banner that penguins could edit to type in text.  That is indeed an awesome idea, but it has some safety concerns as well.  It would take a lot of time for our staff to review any banners that were created.  But, I see that you have a solution for that -- setting up a safe mode of some kind could help.  What would you write in your own banner?

Next, I understand you'd like to be able to give items to friends.  That would be really cool, not to mention thoughtful and considerate.  You're right that penguins would have to be careful what they give!  Also, if such a feature were ever to exist, penguins would have to be extra careful about keeping their passwords safe and secure.  If they ever shared their password with someone, that person could 'give' all of their items away!  Perhaps there could be some sort of safety restriction to prevent this from happening.  Do you have any suggestions?

Finally, you have a really neat idea about a Daily Catalog!  Having a new item each day would keep things fresh and exciting, and bringing back older items would make so many penguins happy!  I like that you mentioned it could be clothing, furniture, or even puffle items.  That way there would be endless options, and it would indeed be surprising every day.

I would be happy to pass along all of your suggestions to the penguins in charge.  We do receive many suggestions each day, so we can't guarantee that any one will be used.  However, I assure you that your voice will be heard and considered!

If you have any other questions or concerns, you're welcome to email us again at any time.  We are always happy to hear from our flippered friends!

Best fishes,

Name Protected by Club Penguin Task Force Club Penguin Fan Mail

Our Letter Back:
Dear Club Penguin,
Hello again, Club Penguin Team! Your work is great and makes 10,000's of kids happy every day! I personally wanted to thank you for the great work you are doing, and I hope you continue to be at your best. I am Glf2000, with my team of 3, Me, Curly824, and Turtleboy. To answer the questions of our last post, I am going to start out with my written banner idea for your igloo, and how about that?, (of course, with safe chat lock for it)

What I Need The Typing Sign for the igloo...
    I would use it to open my businesses on Club Penguin, like I always feel like, "I need something to get my point through, but I don't want to repeat it over and over", and I felt like I was in some serious trouble with business for my igloo.

So actually I really would want that, and It probably would be one of the popular wall items, I would guess somewhere from 250 coins to 1,000. Another asked question was the one about sharing items, and I came up with an idea for sharing it, so here it is,

    1. They would have to be there buddy
2. They would have to possibly enter a four digit code, like maybe one sent to there parent or guardian.
3. Or maybe they a four color pattern, like one you would have to practice to remember! :)

So here are 2 new ideas I have thought of, and maybe they could be made a reality.

Snowball Feature
      A choice of snowball, like a pizza at the pizza parlor, a Puffle O' Berry at the pet shop, coin at the gift shop, a soccer ball at the Stadium, a hockey puck at the Ice Rink. Maybe even a seed at the forest, and a little flower will grow. ;D

     Maybe an addition to my idea of the Daily Catalog of puffles, furniture, and clothes, maybe backgrounds too, It would be the the place to give items, like in the back! You entered the code, or the colors, to see your items, and you have to select them one by one, and you will be able to see when you gave the item, and what time for safety. 

Safety Ideas for Daily Catalog (Continuing last post)
It is a lot better than being able to select them all. I still worry about safety, and I am looking for a safer way! Maybe once a week each user, so no one would over do it. ;)

Your best,
Glf2000, Curly824, and Turtleboy

P.S. Thank Name Protected by Club Penguin Task Force for reading my last fan mail!

So what do YOU think about a daily catalog? Will it become TRUE?

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