Cool CP Ideas

The other day CP Task Force came up with some pretty cool ideas for Club Penguin, we sent our ideas to Club Penguin Staff and are waiting for a reply! We hope these ideas will become a reality some day :) Thank you Glf2000 for typing up this email!!!

You can have a banner in your igloo. Click the UP arrow to go into edit mode. Type in text, but if it is not appropriate, you could get ban! Before, maybe you could set up safe mode for that, so if you are on ultimate safe chat, you can only use words from the box. :)

Another feature we ask for is the ability to give items to friends. But first, you need to enter a special code before using. So you and your friends can give each other cool items, pins, and coins! But remember to warn, so kids know that you have to be careful what you give! If that does have too many ways to break it... try gifting! Maybe  you can make a postcard with 100 coins in it to send to your friends every week!

One last thing we ask, is to be able to have a Daily Catalog! A book every day with 1 special item from the past, for a discounted PRICE! Maybe it was furniture, or clothing, or Puffle Food. That will be surprising everyday!

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