Collecting Mr. Potato Heads...

  • Wednesday, July 13, 2011
  • By Grant Fitzsimmons


Hey guys, iGlf2000 here. 
I have decided to invest in Mr. Potato Heads. To see info on him, click here.
Remember, I did not take these pictures, so give credit to I can say, I have gotten a lot of facts from that. Well, I am going to order a 1966 model. We are going to try to get Dunkie Donut. There may only be 6 left in the whole WORLD. 5 have ruined packaging because it was handed out at Dunkin' Donuts. The oil stained the boxes. Only about 100 toy-only packages are in existence. Here is a video below showing the box:

Box Prieview, by

Another Rare Collectible on my wishlist:
Well, if you look at it, you can think about how twisted this is. At the same time, it is sorta, uhh, helpful. This is only one of the kind of twisted collection, coming slong with Frenchy Fry. Well, if you think about Frenchy the Fry, and Mr. Potato Head, you can get the picture. How can they call themselves 'FRIENDS"?

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