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Hey there Glf2000, Turtleboy, and Curly824,

Thank you for taking the time to email us at Club Penguin.  It's great to hear from all of you!

I really appreciate all of the kind words you have for us, and of course we're happy to hear any suggestions you have.

First, as a newer penguin myself, I'm not entirely sure what you mean by 'how you saved Rsnail.'  I know that Rsnail was one of the original founders of Club Penguin; what happened that Rsnail needed to be saved from?

On to your ideas!  I see that you'd like to see a banner that penguins could edit to type in text.  That is indeed an awesome idea, but it has some safety concerns as well.  It would take a lot of time for our staff to review any banners that were created.  But, I see that you have a solution for that -- setting up a safe mode of some kind could help.  What would you write in your own banner?

Next, I understand you'd like to be able to give items to friends.  That would be really cool, not to mention thoughtful and considerate.  You're right that penguins would have to be careful what they give!  Also, if such a feature were ever to exist, penguins would have to be extra careful about keeping their passwords safe and secure.  If they ever shared their password with someone, that person could 'give' all of their items away!  Perhaps there could be some sort of safety restriction to prevent this from happening.  Do you have any suggestions?

Finally, you have a really neat idea about a Daily Catalog!  Having a new item each day would keep things fresh and exciting, and bringing back older items would make so many penguins happy!  I like that you mentioned it could be clothing, furniture, or even puffle items.  That way there would be endless options, and it would indeed be surprising every day.

I would be happy to pass along all of your suggestions to the penguins in charge.  We do receive many suggestions each day, so we can't guarantee that any one will be used.  However, I assure you that your voice will be heard and considered!

If you have any other questions or concerns, you're welcome to email us again at any time.  We are always happy to hear from our flippered friends!

Best fishes,

Club Penguin Fan Mail

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